Thursday, April 12, 2012

Four years and 4 months

It has been four years and four months since I heard that horrible statement, "You have cancer".

It has been 34 months ago since I was told that other horrible statement, "Your cancer is back".

It has been 32 months since I started taking better care of myself and eating better.

It has been 32 months since I started a new relationship with my Lord.

It has been 28 months since I started spreading the good news that my pet scan came back with less cancer cells and the ones that were still there were smaller ones.

It has been 28 months of rejoicing with my loved ones that I after praying for wisdom to know what to do about the return of the cancer, He answered me.

It has been one week since we celebrated Jesus' resurrection and His unending love for us. What a great celebration it was!

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