Thursday, April 12, 2012

Strengthening Exercises

My husband and I bought an used bow flex machine a few years ago and like most exercise equipment we didn't use it very much and eventually loaned it to our son who did put it to use. He recently moved to San Diego, so we have the bow flex back. We don't have much room in our 1100 square foot home, so I suggested to my husband that we could put it back in the spare room and take the bed out only if we were going to use it, because that's the only spare bed we have. So true to his word, he has made us a workout routine for each day. After 2 weeks of strengthening exercises I can really tell the difference. It's quite nice to have someone to workout with. Blessings upon blessings...............

Try some strengthening exercises for yourself because it is so good for your overall health and you may decide you like the way your body is changing for the better. :)

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